adjudication-related considerations in Sheetz v. El Dorado

The Supreme Court’s recent decision in Sheetz v. El Dorado County (2024) features a unanimous opinion for the Court by Justice Barrett and separate concurring opinions by three other Justices (Sotomayor joined by Jackson; Gorsuch solo; and Kavanaugh joined by Kagan and Jackson). These separate opinions address themselves in different ways to the narrow scope […]

“The Crisis in Teaching Constitutional Law”

The New York Times this morning has an opinion piece bearing this title. Despite the writer’s focus on federal constitutional law as developed by the Supreme Court of the United States, the malaise of the mandarins across much of the legal academy is much more pervasive. Caveat lector/auditor/discipulus.

The Demonic Blind Spot of A.I. Developers

Some of the worries about the development of A.I. relate to the technology taking on personal characteristics of intellect and will, and then initiating destructive acts. Something like that is much more plausibly understood as A.I. being coopted by demons, or fallen angels. A clear-eyed assessment of the output of large-language models can be informed […]

Justice Barrett explains THaT constitutionalism at CUA’s Columbus School of Law

The inaugural judicial event of our second year of programming for the Project on Constitutional Originalism and the Catholic Intellectual Tradition was A Conversation with Justice Amy Coney Barrett. The conversation, which took place last Thursday September 21, covered a wide range of topics relating to the practices of constitutional interpretation and adjudication in the […]

Satisfied Man (a couple verses and a refrain for law students)

Can listening to the Hillbilly Thomists help you in the study of law? No doubt. Consider the first two verses and the refrain of “Satisfied Man”: You can put it in a contractWrap it in a conceptYou could put it in an advertYou could sing it with a rhymeBut if the law of the land […]

Bishop Daniel Flores — What Was Really the Case (Lamp 2022)

Bishop Daniel Flores of the Diocese of Brownville, Texas has a meditation bearing this title in the Assumption 2022 issue of The Lamp magazine. Editor Matthew Walther describes it as “one of the most affecting pieces of writing I have come upon in ages.” Here’s the opening: Hell and the judgment that would send me […]