Address to Opening Assembly: Virginia Junior Classical League State Convention

On November 19, 2023, I had the opportunity to address the Opening Assembly of the Virginia Junior Classical League’s state convention. The convention theme was a quotation from Livy, Ab Urbe Condita, Book XI, Chapter 25: “Multa, quae impedita natura sunt, consilio expediuntur.” The three main points of my address make up a simple rhyme: […]

Iredell in Minge v. Gilmour

In following up on some research regarding Calder v. Bull and The Decline of Natural Law, I recently had occasion to read this fine opinion by Justice Iredell in Minge v. Gilmour (Cir. Ct. D. N.C. 1798). Recommended.

Reading the Presumptive Textualism of Vermeulean Common Good Constitutionalism Between the Lines

One of the challenging features of interpreting Professor Adrian Vermeule’s Common Good Constitutionalism that Jeff Pojanowski and I encountered in Recovering Classical Legal Constitutionalism was to assess the extent to which Vermeule’s book is best read esoterically. We decided to respond to the exoteric argumentation on its own terms while also suggesting what we understood to […]