Two ways of approaching appropriation of tradition by an historical figure like Bonaventure

In the Introduction of his book,┬áThe Hidden Center: Spirituality and Speculative Christology in St. Bonavanture, Zachary Hayes, O.F.M., distinguishes two ways of studying an historical figure like Bonaventure. Hayes’s purpose is to explain his inquiry regarding Bonaventure appropriation of theological tradition, but the distinction he draws can be transposed to other types of inquiries into […]

“Now, any truth demands belief …”

In Part V, Chapter 7, paragraph 4 of St. Bonaventure’s Breviloquium, we read: 4. Now, any truth demands belief, so a greater truth demands stronger belief, and the greatest of all truths, supreme belief. Now, the truth of the First Principle is infinitely greater than all created truth and infinitely more radiant than any light […]